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Scientific Themes

The LabEx P2IO aims to support the exploration of the greatest scientific questions in the field of infinite physics and the conditions of the appearance of life: -How to explain the mass that appears as an intrinsic property of matter? -Why is there a predominance of particles over antiparticles in the Universe? -What is dark matter and dark energy which seem to constitute 95% of the energy content of the Universe? -How can gravitation be described in a quantum scheme? What is the structure and geometry of the Universe? -According to which laws does matter organize itself in the ordinary conditions where quarks and gluons are confined in hadrons, and in the extreme conditions of the early Universe or in stars? -How are stars and planets formed? Where are the conditions for the appearance of life met? In order to best succeed in this mission, 4 scientific themes have been developed within the LabEx. ...

S1: Symmetries in the subatomic world

S2: Dark universe and multi-messenger astronomy

S3: Strongly coupled nuclear matter

S4: Formation of stellar and planetary systems, conditions emergence of life

Interdisciplinary Themes

The LabEx P2IO aims to support the explorations of the largest The laboratories involved in the LabEx P2IO have acquired over the years many scientific and technical skills in their own field but which can be extended to related fields. ...

I1: Energy: nuclear energy for the future

I2: Bio-medical technologies: Imaging and radiation-based therapy

Technological Themes

To accompany and support scientific thinking in the fields related to the LabEx P2IO, technological developments are necessary. ...

T1: Innovations in accelerator science and related spinoffs

T2: Advanced sensors and spinoffs

T3: Simulation and knowledge extraction from complex data


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