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Training at P2IO

The LHC’s Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) detector: http://cern.ch/go/tW03T (image=inner tracker barrel) 

One of P2IO's priorities is to coordinate training activities between partners and to offer an attractive Master's program and a doctoral school. The project allows to set up different training actions such as workshops for 1st year undergraduates or summer schools, or to propose scholarships and educational trips for undergraduates, masters and post-doctoral students.


Thesis grants and half-grants:


Doctoral fellowship as part of the postdoctoral call for tenders 2022:

P2IO thesis prize :



The winners presented their thesis at the LabEx day on December 1st, 2022: https://indico.in2p3.fr/event/28203/timetable/


Postdoctoral fellowships:


Postdoctoral fellowship as part of the postdoctoral call for tenders 2022:

Visits, stays, student travel:


  • Stay in the observatory for the M2 « Astronomie et Astrophysique » (AA) students


Summer meetings and schools:


The aim of this summer school is to allow students, in small groups: to take data and analyse them on site, to use several state-of-the-art instruments and technologies (visible and infrared, telescopes), and to explore several characteristic scales of the Universe and their physical conditions (from asteroids to distant galaxies).

Conference topics include: Neutrino Probes for New Physics, Primordial Black Holes and Dark Matter, Monte Carlo Tools for the LHC, SMEFT Theory and Phenomenology, Axion Physics and Flavor Physics.

This workshop aims to discuss advances in algorithms and numerical methods used by theorists and experimentalists in their research activities devoted to the different themes covered by the GDR.

The general concept of pressure in nuclear matter is used as a connecting thread between very different scales, from the nucleon to compact stars, providing a complete view of the phase diagram of dense matter.

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