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The 2015-2016 period saw the launch and deployment of 5 projects of greater importance known as emblematic projects for an overall budget of 3.2 M€. Click on the project titles for more information.
In 2019, a call for proposals and the evaluation of projects led to the selection of 2 projects: Gluodynamics and BSM-Nu. Gluodynamics will produce key scientific results in the field of hadronics physics and will place P2IO teams at the forefront of large international projects such as the EIC in the United States.
P2IO particularly encourages the emergence of innovative projects as well as those at the interface between different fields of research. Our actions tend to reinforce synergies between the LabEx laboratories. P2IO proposes regular Calls for Proposals for R&D projects or emerging projects, in addition to large projects such as Flagships or Emblematic projects.    


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