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Artist's view of an atom,  crédit : S. NIVENS/FOTOLIA.COM

Dissemination is an integral part of LabEx's objectives and contributes significantly to its visibility within the University of Paris-Saclay but also at the national level. The main goals of these initiatives are (i) to raise awareness of the scientific issues and challenges faced by LabEx P2IO teams among the widest possible audience and (ii) to encourage students to get involved in research and technological development.


2022 :

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For its fourth edition, SpaceBus France visits the Rhône and Saône valleys: from Saint-Véran to Bourbon-Lancy.


The conference focuses on Standard Model theory and beyond at finite temperature and density, in equilibrium and non-equilibrium, including applications to cosmology, astrophysics and relativistic heavy-ion collision experiments.
The 12th workshop of the « Higgs Hunting » series organized on September 12-14th, 2022 will present an overview of these topics, focusing in particular on new developments in the LHC Run-2 analyses, detailed studies of Higgs boson properties and possible deviations from Standard Model predictions. Highlights will also include a first look at LHC Run-3 analyses, prospects from studies at future colliders, and recent theoretical developments.


The focus of the workshop is on revealing new sources of CP-violation and (a)symmetries yet to be discovered, in particular, in the invisible sectors made by neutrinos, dark matter and other hidden particles. The interplay with cosmological and astrophysical probes of the invisible Universe is also discussed.
Week 1: Dark Matter, Experiments Meet Theories, Week 2: Early and Late Universe Cosmology, Week 3: Multi-Messenger Transient Phenomena and Week 4: High and Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays.
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