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Flagships projects 2020
Flagships projects 2020

Credits: RICHARD KAIL - Getty and Gran Sasso laboratory (LNGS, Italy)

In 2019, a call for proposals and the evaluation of projects led to the selection of 2 projects: Gluodynamics and BSM-Nu. Gluodynamics will produce key scientific results in the field of hadronics physics and will place P2IO teams at the forefront of large international projects such as the EIC in the United States. The BSM-Nu project will have a major impact on new large-scale neutrino experiments such as DUNE, T2HK, JUNO and will allow P2IO teams to play a central role in future bolometric experiments.


Gluodynamics : Probing the nature of dense gluonic systems

The project P2IO Gluodynamics will allow to investigate gluons as source of geometry of protons and nuclei and source of force inside strongly interacting matter thanks to modern hadron structure and fluid dynamic descriptions of hadronic interactions and their interconnections.


BSM-Nu : a change of gear in neutrino physics

The project P2IO BSM-Nu will approach in a comprehensive way the characterization of neutrino physics with the next-generation of experiments.

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