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Invitations from researchers within P2IO

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In a mutual interest of sharing and growth of different international laboratories in the same scientific fields, P2IO strongly encourages the arrival of high-level scientists in the laboratories involved in the LabEx. These invitation requests are also an integral part of the Emilie du Chatelet call of tenders, which was successfully launched by the LabEx a few years ago.


2022 :

  • Jose Luis Rodriguez-Sanchez (University of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, Spain) in the group of J-C. David (Irfu/DPhN)
  • Keith Olive et Tony Guerguetta (University of Minneapolis, United-States) in the group of Y. Mambrini (IJCLab/Théorie)
  • Marco Peloso (Università di Padova, Italy) in the group of Y. Mambrini (IJCLab/Théorie)
  • Marcos Garcia (University of Mdrid, Spain) in the group of Y. Mambrini (IJCLab/Théorie)
  • Oleg Lebedev (University of Helsinki, Finland) in the group of Y. Mambrini (IJCLab/Théorie)
  • L. Van Waerbeke (Université de la Colombie Britannique, Vancouver, Canada) in the group of M. Kilbinger (Irfu/DAp)
  • Matthew Luzum (Université de Sao Paulo, Brésil) dans le groupe de J.-Y. Ollitrault (IPhT)
  • Mark Chen (Queen's University, Kingston, Canada) dans le groupe de A. Cabrera (IJCLab/A2C)
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