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Communication and mediation

Spiral galaxy NGC 4258. Rayon X : NASA/CXC/Caltech/P.Ogle et al ; Optique : NASA/STScI ; IR : NASA/JPL-Caltech ; Radio : NSF/NRAO/VLA

The laboratory of excellence Physics of the 2 Infinities and Origins (P2IO) organizes, jointly with the Physics of the 2 Infinities (P2I) and Astro departments of the University Paris-Saclay, a series of "Joint Seminars of Origins and Physics of the 2 Infinities" (SCOPI). Other types of actions and tools of mediation or communication are also proposed by the Labex.


2022 :

The year 2022 was turned upside down by the exceptional health situation and many events were postponed.

In this exhibition, through beautiful pictures of detectors, accelerators, experiments, observatories, satellites, is presented a part of the themes covered by the laboratories of the LabEx P2IO. The objective is to arouse the curiosity of students and to encourage them to discover more about the P2IO laboratories by flashing a QR Code that sends them to the page given above.


Like the previous editions: a great festive evening, (March 10, 2022), with conferences, debates, round tables, exhibitions, and interactive games on nine sites in France; broadcast on the YouTube channel of the SFP and Facebook of Sciences & Avenir, partners of the event.


Les Accélérateurs, l'Homme et l'Univers

The particle accelerator is the most widely used large scientific instrument in the world. It is becoming the key strategic element for any country's scientific development programme. These devices, which help us understand the world around us, can also be used to analyse, cut, produce, engrave, manufacture, heal and probably more. They operate on different scales spanning 14 orders of magnitude! While accelerators are used by scientists around the world for a variety of practical applications, the analysis of the physical laws that govern them, and how they are intertwined, leads to an abstraction and a metaphysical reflection on the place of man in the universe - from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. The book's beautiful abstract illustrations propel the reader into these other dimensions.

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