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T2: Advanced sensors and spinoffs
T2: Advanced sensors and spinoffs

CTA-NectarCAM, L. Godart/CEA

The refinement of detection techniques and development of specific detector systems by P2IO laboratories will address the needs of experimental teams leading key projects in our domains. This includes searches for dark matter, research on the nature of neutrinos, precision tests of the Standard Model, studies of cataclysmic phenomena in the Universe through measurements of high-energy gamma rays with the future CTA observatory, as well as experiments at high-energy colliders like CERN or EIC, or novel facilities like PERLE. The key challenges will be improving the detector response in high counting-rate and luminosity environments, dynamic range, and efficiency of detection systems often located in harsh environments (radiation, low temperature...). Possible developments include the exploration of new detection materials, the improvement of pulse-shape discrimination techniques as well as R&D on related electronics, with the aim of providing viable detector technology for next-generation experimental facilities.

The success of this program requires a close collaboration between the teams involved from the earliest stages, including mechanical integration, electronics, and data processing. In parallel, we will apply these developments at the technical platforms like SCALP, ALTO, ANDROMEDE or Virtual Data, as well as via collaboration agreements with the industry. 

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