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  • P2IO, Physics of the Two Infinite and of Origins is one of the 100 laboratories of excellence (labEx) approved by the government in March 2011 as part of the Investments for the Future financed by the Grand Emprunt of 2010.
  • The LabEx brings together the laboratories of the Paris-Saclay Campus involved in the physics of the infinitely small, the infinitely large and the study of the conditions of appearance of life.

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The project P2IO Gluodynamics will allow to investigate gluons as source of geometry of protons and nuclei and source of force inside strongly interacting matter thanks to modern hadron structure and fluid dynamic descriptions of hadronic interactions and their interconnections.


The aim of the BSM-Nu project is to address the neutrino physics in a comprehensive way in order to extract hints of new physics. The project federates the different teams of P2IO active on the subject in order to share and depeen our expertise.


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