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Research at P2IO

The labex P2IO federates all researchers and teacher-researchers involved in research on the physics of the infinitely small, the infinitely large and the study of the conditions of appearance of life.


P2IO takes advantage of the unique concentration on the Paris-Saclay campus of internationally recognized laboratories, covering a broad spectrum of disciplines including particle physics, astroparticle physics, nuclear physics, astrophysics, accelerator science, nuclear energy, biology and medicine, instrumentation and associated interfaces, combining experiments and theories. Bringing together about 2000 people, P2IO represents a large fraction of the national effort, with about 25% in the physics of the origins of life, 40% in subatomic physics and 90% in accelerator science.

P2IO also enables collaborations between different laboratories in the south of the Ile-de-France region, offering the opportunity to optimize and strengthen inter-institutional cooperation in science and technology. The LabEx has thus seen the funding of 5 emblematic projects, selected in 2015 and now completed:

  • HGCFC: The objectives were achieved in the time allowed and the project has enabled P2IO laboratories to become major players in the design and implementation of future high granularity calorimeters.
  • JWST: The project has already produced good results and allowed to prepare the analysis of the JWST data which will be available only in 2021 due to the delayed launch of the satellite.
  • CANEVAS: The project has achieved its objectives, with the installation of the integration platform on the Saclay site, the realization of the camera and the first light observed in Berlin on the Medium Sized Telescope prototype. P2IO clearly had a seed role in obtaining TGIR funding for CTA.
  • CHARTING TERRA INCOGNITA: Despite a delay, the project achieved most of its scientific objectives.
  • PRAE

Two new projects called Flagships have also started in 2020:

  • Gluodynamics : The project will produce key scientific results in the field of hadron physics and place the P2IO teams at the forefront of the preparation of large international projects such as the EIC in the United States.
  • BSM-Nu : The project will have an important impact for new large-scale neutrino experiments (such as DUNE, T2HK, JUNO) and will allow P2IO teams to play a key role in future bolometric experiments.

P2IO also finances many smaller R&D or emerging projects with regular Calls for Tenders.

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