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The attractiveness of P2IO

P2IO subsidizes projects and actions designed to strengthen the attractiveness of the LabEx.

Several funding channels are involved in supporting the organization of symposia, workshops, conferences or events aimed at the general public, communication actions, as well as the reception of visiting researchers or engineers. These actions contribute to the dissemination of science to the various audiences and partners of P2IO.


Find out more about our activites concerning all these topics:

  • Dissemination: Dissemination is an integral part of LabEx's objectives and contributes significantly to its visibility within the University of Paris-Saclay but also at the national level. The main goals of these initiatives are (i) to raise awareness of the scientific issues and challenges faced by the LabEx P2IO teams among the widest possible audience and (ii) to encourage students to get involved in research and technological development.
  • Communication and Mediation: The Physics of the 2 Infinities and Origins laboratory of excellence (P2IO) organizes, jointly with the Physics of the 2 Infinities (P2I) and the Astro departments of the University Paris-Saclay, a series of "Joint Seminars of Origins and Physics of the 2 Infinities" (SCOPI). Other types of actions and tools of mediation or communication are also proposed by the Labex.
  • Collaborations: In a mutual interest of sharing and growth of different international laboratories in the same scientific fields, P2IO strongly encourages the arrival of high-level scientists in the laboratories involved in the LabEx. These invitation requests are also an integral part of the Emilie du Châtelet invitation to tender, which was successfully launched by the LabEx a few years ago.



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