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Oct 08, 2020
Selection of Flagships projects in 2020
BSM-Nu and Gluodynamics

Following the success of the emblematic projects funded by P2IO and the need to intensify the links of LabEx partners from high profile international teams, a call for projects was launched for large-scale projects. These projects, called "Flagships", will bring together teams belonging to LabEx P2IO and may lead to major scientific and technological advances.

A total of 2M€ has been allocated for the BSM-Nu and Gluodynamics projects, over a period of 5 years: a choice of the CODIR endorsed by the P2IO Trusteeship Committee. This choice was made following the analysis of the evaluation reports received from CEST members, external international experts and CSI members.



This project focuses on the understanding of strong nuclear interaction at low energy, exploring major and as yet unresolved questions of quantum chromodynamics. It proposes an innovative approach by connecting different aspects of QCD and by bringing together within the same project the necessary theoretical, phenomenological and experimental developments. The project fits perfectly in the upcoming schedule of future LHC data from which it will benefit, as well as in the perspective of the EIC in the USA.

Partner laboratories : CPhT, IPhT, IPN Orsay, Irfu, LAL, LLR, LPT Orsay



   • BSM-Nu:

Neutrino physics is a promising path to physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM). This project proposes a coherent research program to study the mass hierarchy of neutrinos, the nature of neutrinos and possible CP violations based on neutrino oscillation experiments, coherent neutrino scattering and the search for double decay-β without neutrino. It will integrate the results of the main neutrino experiments, for example, T2HK, DUNE, JUNO, Ricochet, NuCLEUS and CUPID. The establishment of a close link between experiment and phenomenology is appreciated, especially the research effort in BSM physics through the study of the PMNS matrix and the establishment of a tool to constrain it. Technical developments relevant to some of the planned experiments are also included (e.g. bolometers and micromegas detectors).


Partner laboratoriesCSNSM, IPhT, Irfu, LAL, LLR

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