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Call for tenders "Doctoral et Post-Doctoral fellowships 2021" of the LabEx P2IO  

The LabEx P2IO is pleased to inform you that it is opening a new call for tenders for post-doctoral and doctoral fellowships, which will provide 6 years of post-doc thanks to 1 or 2 year fellowships, and 4 half doctoral fellowships in P2IO1 laboratories or teams. This proposal may vary slightly depending on the quality of the applications received.

The purpose of this call for proposals is to promote research on one of P2IO's 9 priority themes:

  • S1: Symmetries in the subatomic world.
  • S2: Dark Universe and Multi-messenger Astronomy.
  • S3: Strongly coupled nuclear matter.
  • S4: Formation of stellar and planetary systems, conditions for emergence of life.
  • T1: Innovations in accelerator science and related spin-offs.
  • T2: Advanced sensors and spin-offs.
  • T3: Simulation and knowledge extraction from complex data.
  • I1: Nuclear energy for the future.
  • I2: Bio-medical technologies: imaging and radion-based therapy.

Selection process:

Proposals will be evaluated and selected by CODIR, assisted by the Scientific and Technical Evaluation Committee (CEST).

The selection criteria will be:

  • Excellence of the research,
  • Quality of project implementation,
  • Quality of the host team and training, especially for doctoral scholarships,
  • Impact of the project on the national and international visibility of LabEx.

The synergy between several entities (IAS, IJCLab, CEA, Ecole Polytechnique) of P2IO is not strictly required but will be considered as a plus for the selection.

It is not required to have identified a candidate to apply. The project leaders of the selected projects will have to present their candidate to the CODIR for validation and formal acceptance.

In the case of co-financing, this must be proven during the validation of the candidate by the CODIR. Applications for post-doctoral fellowships may concern an extension of a current contract, whether or not funded by P2IO, provided that this extension concerns new work clearly identified in relation to the previous contract.

The post-doctoral fellowships will be for an amount of 59 k€ per year, regardless of the guardianship or seniority of the candidate. Any excess will be charged to the host laboratory. The allocation for a half thesis scholarship will be 59 k€.

Submission of files:

Applications should be submitted electronically to anne-laure.pele@cea.fr, in English or French. The deadline is February 21, 2021. The selected applicants will be notified by early May 2021 at the latest.

Submission-form-AO-doc_postdoc-2021-P2IO.docx (89 Ko)

Submission-form-AO-doc_postdoc-2021-P2IO.pdf (681 Ko)


1 For these doctoral scholarships, co-financing will be sought from doctoral schools, laboratories or other external sources, leading to 3-year contracts.

A. Pele, 2021-02-03 15:21:00


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