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Call for proposals 2022 of the program of attractiveness "Emilie du Châtelet" of LabEx P2IO until March 13, 2022 included   
Call for projects to support the organization of events, communication actions and the reception of visitors

The objectives of the "Emilie du Châtelet" attractiveness program are

  •      to support the organization of colloquia, workshops, conferences or events for the general public
  •      the financing of communication activities,
  •      the reception of visitors, researchers or engineers,

a coherent combination of these three objectives.

The total funding requested per project will be limited to 12 k€.

Support for the organization of colloquia, workshops, conferences or events must meet the following criteria

  •     Major scientific interest, within the P2IO themes,
  •     Priority will be given to workshops and conferences held within P2IO's geographical area, except in the case of international conferences of major interest to the P2IO community,
  •     The chair or a vice-chair of the local organizing committee must be from a P2IO laboratory or team,
  •      At least 30% of the Local Organizing Committee must be composed of P2IO members.

Organizers must ensure that the conference provides the best possible visibility for P2IO. P2IO's contribution will not exceed 1 k€ for national or small international conferences, 2 k€ for regular recurrent international conferences and 4 k€ for international conferences of an exceptional nature. The application must indicate the number of expected participants and the fraction of participants who will be part of P2IO as well as the overall budget.

The reception of visitors must meet the following conditions :

  •     the visitor has a work contract with a foreign research organization
  •     A specific work program determined by the host team must be provided,
  •     the funding will only cover the living expenses. The maximum support granted will be 2000 € per month for a number of months between one and six over a period of 12 months.
  •     Applications including a proposal to organize seminars, courses or lessons for the benefit of all P2IO during the stay are encouraged, as well as applications concerning the invitation of engineers.
  •     The visa of the director of the host unit is required.

The application, maximum 2 pages in length, should clearly address the above points.

Selection process: projects will be evaluated and selected by the CODIR. The CODIR reserves the right to adjust downwards the amount granted to a selected project.

The deadline for the call for projects is midnight on March 13, 2022.

Applications must be submitted electronically to coordination@p2io-labex.fr.

The list of selected projects will be published by the end of March 2022. You can find this text and other details on the LabEx P2IO on the website http://www.p2io-labex.fr.

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