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Results of the Call for Proposals for Doctoral and Post-doctoral Fellowships 2021 of LabEx P2IO  

The LabEx P2IO's call for Doctoral and Post-doctoral Fellowships 2021 was a great success with 62 applications submitted, 30 for doctoral applications and 32 for post-doctoral applications.

The selection of the applications was done in two steps. First, the Scientific and Technical Evaluation Committee (CEST) selected 10 PhD projects and 7 post-doctoral projects from all the proposals received. These pre-selected files were then studied by the members of the CODIR on 05 May, and finally only 4 half scholarships and 3 post-doctoral fellowships (corresponding to 6 years) were financed, i.e. 13% and 10% of the submissions for the thesis and post-doctoral fellowships, respectively.

Projects selected for the 1/2 thesis grants:

Selected projects for post-doctorates:

We would like to thank all the participants for their excellent and hard work!

A. Pele, 2021-05-07 10:35:00


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