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Call for tenders "Platforms 2021-22" of LabEx P2IO - deadline October 10, 2021  


The LabEx P2IO is opening a call for proposals "Platforms", including digital platforms, with the objective of supporting the development of new platforms, helping with upgrades or promoting an extension of existing platforms, with mandatory criteria of openness to the P2IO community, to other communities or to industry. Accelerator-magnet design and test platforms are excluded from this call.

The applications submitted must therefore aim to:

  • the creation of a new platform, including digital,
  • the upgrade of an existing platform: new capacity/function, significant improvement of the platform's performance,
  • the adaptation of existing platforms to accommodate external users,
  • a coherent combination of these three objectives.

The total funding requested per application may range from 20 to 150 k€ over a period of 1 to 3 years, for a total financial envelope of 350 k€ dedicated to this call for proposals. Co-financing is also accepted.

Projects may combine several types of funding:

  • the purchase of equipment,
  • financing of subcontracting, specific installations, technical,
  • communication and training activities,
  • personnel costs in the form of fixed-term contracts (engineer, technician, reception staff), ONLY dedicated to the opening of the platforms.

The following are completely excluded from eligible expenditure:

  • operating expenses (recurrent costs related to the operation of the platform, mainly consumables, fluids, but also maintenance, upkeep and even repair costs),
  • maintenance costs (replacement of one piece of equipment by another because it has become obsolete/incompatible with others, or preventive maintenance),
  • personnel costs (except for the opening of platforms).

Proposals must be signed by ALL the directors of the units involved in a proposal.

Selection process:

Proposals will be evaluated and selected by the CODIR, assisted by the Scientific and Technical Evaluation Committee (CEST).

The selection criteria will be (in no order):

  • Excellence (attractiveness, uniqueness or innovation),
  • Feasibility of the project,
  • Degree of openness and availability of the platform: for the P2IO community, the Graduate School of Physics, other communities or industry,
  • Potential impact of the project on the national and international visibility of the LabEx.

A training component will be a plus.

Submission of applications:

Applications must be submitted electronically to coordination@p2io-labex.fr. The deadline is 10 October 2021. The selected applicants will be informed by the end of December 2021 at the latest and the selected projects will be able to start in January 2022.

You can find the submission form here: Submission form.

C. Desailly, 2021-06-18 11:03:00


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